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Lake Development L.L.C.

Custom Homes

Residential and Commercial Services  ‚Äč

Fully insured, Bonded and Licensed


   Areas we Service

                                                                   Michigan and South Carolina                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           OFFICE- 989-733-0033                                                                                               CELL -989-306-7872                                                                             [email protected]                                                                                                                             


The needs of are clients

The needs of are Client's

Wants a builder they can trust!

This is the single most important quality a client can have with a builder is TRUST!

We don't take this lightly and infact we go above and beyond at every chance we get to insure our clients comfort and "peace of mind" throughout the entire planning and building process! We are proud of the relationships we create with every single one of our clients.

Relationships that last long after they move into their beautiful new home!!

A Stunning Custom Home Designed & Built

Our specialty is the design and construction of unique Custom Homes. At this time, we currently do  take on projects designed by other architects or build from online plans! We love working with our clients for start to finish in achieving there perfect new Home!

We are happy to help our clients pick the perfect piece of land to build on and we often meet with with our clients years before we start building. But we also work with people who already have their land and are ready to start planning there new home!

We are not a realtor nor do we sell land at this time, but we are happy to help!

Want a larger home

Do to the limited number of homes we take on each year, we prefer to focus on homes no smaller than 1,800 sq ft. The typical Custom home we build are  2,000 to 12,000 sq ft finished!

At this time we do not build small cabins, modular homes, factory built homes, home kits, or "tiny homes". We specialize in one of a kind custom homes.

Building Budget

Building a custom home  is wonderful thing, and understanding the costs to build before you buy land is very important and something we help our clients with all the time! Keep in mind when considering building that the average cost to build per finished square foot ranges from 125-300. this does not include the cost of the land.

We have exclusize tools that can help you get a good idea of general building costs and are happy to share those with you. please email us if you are interested in knowing more.