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Lake Development L.L.C.

Custom Homes

Residential and Commercial Services  ​

Fully insured, Bonded and Licensed


   Areas we Service

                                                                   Michigan and South Carolina                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           OFFICE- 989-733-0033                                                                                               CELL -989-306-7872                                                                             [email protected]                                                                                                                             


Lake Development l.l.c.


We are Lake Development llc.

We Think with Ingenuity.

We Lead with Excellence.


Strong client relationships are a two-way street. Our experienced construction team analyzes and suggests the most efficient approach, tailoring budgets and plans to each project’s specific needs.


A range of backgrounds, expertise, and experiences combine to deliver impressive, high-quality building and construction projects.


We believe in integrity. Whether that be our staff, the end product, the customer experience, vendor relationships, or any other aspect of the construction process.


Our experience in multifamily projects gives us a deep understanding of their unique systems, processes, and intricacies. This knowledge enhances our ability to provide outstanding service to our clients.


Through following the highest standards of safety practices, we succeed in safeguarding each person. Safety isn’t just a word to us. It’s a core belief.


Custom Additions

Custom Additions

As a custom home builder, we bring all of the same quality, service, and design services when it comes to every project—big or small. That’s why we offer Addition services, so that you can get the experience of something customized and new, all while keeping the things that you love about the place that you call home. If you have something specific in mind, or something completely unique, we will work with you to create the place of your dreams, whatever that may be.

Here’s a quick look at some of the addition services we provide:

Guest Houses




Room Additions

Other Custom Projects

Guest Houses & Casitas

Having a guest house or a Casita can add so much value to your home. Here at Lake Development l.l.c. , we can gather all of our custom home skills and features and shrink them down into the perfect guest suite for your parents, your children, or even renters. Together, we can choose the best place to build your guest house, then choose all the features that go inside. This can be the perfect addition to your home.


Want that decked out garage for your collector’s car? Need a functional space for a workbench? Need a garage big enough for an RV? We’ve got you covered. We can help you build the perfect custom garage to add on to your house.

Sunrooms & Outdoor Living

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, an enclosed patio or sunroom would be the perfect addition to your home. We can transform your existing patio into a new sunroom, or we can build your custom sunroom from the ground up. Experience the freedom of enjoying the outdoors year-round from the comfort of your new custom sunroom.

Room Additions—bedroom, master suite, bathroom, living room

Adding another room can increase the value and functionality of your beloved home. Deciding to build an addition to your home can give you the option to add another bedroom for a growing family or for guests, can give you the master suite of your dreams, can give you more bathrooms, and can even give you a larger, more functional living room. The choice is yours.

Custom Projects

Our mission at Lake Development llc is to give you the home of your dreams. If you have a unique idea in mind for your home, talk to us about it. We’ll work together to see how we can bring your custom addition to life in a practical and creative way.

Adding a room, deck, or garage to your home not only increases value in terms of square footage, but it also increases the functionality of your home, so that you can live the way that you want to. We want to help add on to the house that you love, so that you can love your home even more. Contact us today to start your addition process.

Custom Decks

At Lake Development  , because we custom build gorgeous outdoor spaces according to our customers’ needs, we can include beautiful add-ons such as deck railing and stairs, patio covers, and even a pergola. If your vision includes an elevated deck on your home, we have the expertise to install a deck framing system that is guaranteed never to warp, ensuring permanent stability for your composite or wood decking product. Additionally, our highly experienced installers will have your new deck installed in a timely manner. In fact, we typically provide faster installations than our competitors. And, with a 10-year labor warranty, you can rest assured that your investment with Lake Development LLC will be protected. You’ll be hard-pressed to find the same attention to detail and superior level of protection from other deck contractors. 

 Like our numerous satisfied customers, you too can have the outdoor living space of your dreams. For more information about having a new outdoor living area custom-built using composite Trex decking or a wood deck system, and then enhanced with deck stairs, railing, or a pristine patio cover for shade, contact the industry experts at Lake Development LLC today. 

Lake Development l.l.c.


Lake Development l.l.c.


a brief overview of our typical design, planning, and building process

Initial meetings (1-2 hours):

This often takes place on your building site if you have one, here we can discuss your plans, your wants, and your needs. Also at this time you will receive more information about Lake Development l.l.c., our services, our fees and how we do business.

Architectural Planning: (3-5 months)

Lake Development l.l.c.  we will work with you to design the perfect home for you, your property and your budget.  (the average home with revisions takes 60-70 hours)

-preliminary and conceptual planning

-site planning

-final design plans and construction documents

-all of our plans are approved by a licensed engineer before being submitted for permits

Pre-Construction Agreement:

Before we begin the design and planning phase or before we are able to put your project in our building schedule, we will have a pre-construction agreement put into place which covers everything that happens until the actual home construction begins.

Along with the pre-construction agreement we also will require a small retainer at that time which secures your place in our schedule and goes towards your construction costs when building.

Estimates: (estimates typically take 4-6 weeks to complete)

Once we have an approved design and a set of bidding plans, the process of estimating your home truly begins. Being upfront and honest with us early about your desired budget will help save time and frustrations, especially in the design and planning stages. It is our goal to get you what you want at your budget, but if that is not possible we will be honest with you early on so that adjustments can be made.

Estimates from Lake Development l.l.c. will be fair and honest. We will clearly itemize everything applicable to your project including details of what each allowance includes.

No Hidden Fees

Following in our promise of honesty, we do not hide fees within your estimate like many builders do. We are happy to show you our invoices at any time upon your request. And we will make sure you are clear and understand what you are paying for before you sign an agreement.

Construction Agreement: (Specifically tailored contract to fit your jobs requirements)

The construction agreement between you and Lake Development LLC will be detailed and descriptive. We have learned that agreements like these between parties help to eliminate many questions down the road as well as protecting everyone involved.

Securing financing:

If not already done, this is the time that you and your lender would contract the construction loan. We recommend getting pre-approval for a specified amount early on so that you can know what your desired budget will be. This can be done even before architectural planning begins.

Construction begins:

Now it is time to watch your building site transform into a canvas, and your new home become a work of art.

Construction portals and personalized apps

Starting 2020 Lake Development LLC will  provide our clients a personalized web portal and app to access all things about there new home being built. here you will get picturs, updates, see your budget, make selections and communicate with your builder and there team!

Construction scheduling:

(the typical custom home takes 6-8 months from time of foundation or 8-10 months from ground breaking)

At this time your official construction calendar will be made and a start date set. Due to so many variables that are often beyond ones control, the construction schedule often is evolving and adjusting to reflect the current situations.

Some things that can affect the schedule are: Weather, jobsite conditions, availability of special order materials, and the availability of quality sub contractors. (Many of these delays can be eliminated early with good planning)


We understand that you will be eager to get your new home completed so that you can move. We also want your new home completed promptly and efficiently, but we also would rather a home take a little longer and be done to our standards then rushed through and filled with loose ends and sloppy work. Therefore, we will not be afraid to make the necessary changes to our workforce or the schedule if needed to achieve our standard of quality.

During construction:

Throughout the construction process you will be working closely with your builder Richard Lake in regards to construction details, scheduling, construction payments, materials, and change orders. Your home may also be assigned a forman which you will also be in contact with.

You will also be working closely with your interior designer in refining your material selections, colors selections, interior design elements.


We want all of our jobsites to be safe, comfortable, and respectful environments to you, us, and our workers. If you have any special requests regarding your property please do not hesitate to ask us.



We hold our subs to a higher standard of conduct and professionalism than most. Some of the terms they agree to are: only using legal American Citizens, no drugs or alcohol on the job site, no signs of intoxication while on the job,, no smoking within the building, and to maintain and respectful work environment.


We respect that this is your property and your new home being built with your money and that you will want to check the progress of your new home. We simply ask that you respect our construction hours of 8-4 Monday-Friday and to plan your visits for the evenings and weekends. But if you wish to visit the job site anytime during the day please let your builder know so he or a representative can be there with you to answer any questions or concerns your may have.

Post Construction:

Now your beautiful new home is complete and the COA is issued (certificate of occupancy)

Service Name

Click this text to start editing. Use this space to describe your products and services to visitors. Double click the icons to choose one that represents the product or service you are highlighting.

Service Name

Click this text to start editing. Use this space to describe your products and services to visitors. Double click the icons to choose one that represents the product or service you are highlighting.

Service Name

Click this text to start editing. Use this space to describe your products and services to visitors. Double click the icons to choose one that represents the product or service you are highlighting.